Section 4947(a)(2) Trust -

Section 4947(a)(2) Trust

Check this box if the trust is a split-interest trust described in section 4947(a)(2).

A split-interest trust is a trust that:

  • Is not exempt from tax under section 501(a);

  • Has some unexpired interests that are devoted to purposes other than religious, charitable, or similar purposes described in section 170(c)(2)(B); and

  • Has amounts transferred in trust after May 26, 1969, for which a deduction was allowed under section 170 (for individual taxpayers) or similar Code sections for personal holding companies, foreign personal holding companies, or estates or trusts (including a deduction for estate or gift tax purposes).

Other returns that must be filed. The fiduciary of a split-interest trust must file Form 5227. However, see the Instructions for Form 5227 for the exception that applies to split-interest trusts other than section 664 charitable remainder trusts.