Line 2b—General Business Credit -

Line 2b—General Business Credit

Do not include any amounts that are allocated to a beneficiary. Credits that are allocated between the estate or trust and the beneficiaries are listed in the instructions for Schedule K-1, box 13, later. Generally, these credits are apportioned on the basis of the income allocable to the estate or trust and the beneficiaries.

Enter on line 2b the estate's or trust's total general business credit allowed for the current year from Form 3800. The estate or trust must file Form 3800 to claim any of the general business credits. Generally, if the estate's or trust's only source of a credit is from a pass-through entity and the beneficiary is not entitled to an allocable share of a credit, you are not required to complete the source form for that credit. However, certain credits have limitations and special computations that may require you to complete the source form. See the Instructions for Form 3800 for more information.