Assembly and Attachments -

Assembly and Attachments

Assemble any schedules, forms, and attachments behind Form 1041 in the following order:

  1. Schedule I (Form 1041);

  2. Schedule D (Form 1041);

  3. Form 4952;

  4. Schedule H (Form 1040);

  5. Form 3800;

  6. Form 4136;

  7. Form 8855;

  8. All other schedules and
    forms; and

  9. All attachments.


If you need more space on the forms or schedules, attach separate sheets. Use the same size and format as on the printed forms. But show the totals on the printed forms.

Attach these separate sheets after all the schedules and forms. Enter the estate's or trust's EIN on each sheet.

Do not file a copy of the decedent's will or the trust instrument unless the IRS requests it.