Amended Return -

Amended Return

If you are filing an amended Form 1041:

  • Check the “Amended return” box,

  • Complete the entire return,

  • Correct the appropriate lines with the new information, and

  • Refigure the estate's or trust's tax liability.

If you are amending the return for an NOL carryback, write “NOL Carryback” at the top of page 1.

If the total tax on line 23 is larger on the amended return than on the original return, you generally should pay the difference with the amended return. However, you should adjust this amount if there is any increase or decrease in the total payments shown on line 25.

Attach a sheet that explains the reason for the amendments and identifies the lines and amounts being changed on the amended return.

Amended Schedule H (Form 1040). If you discover an error on a Schedule H that you previously filed with Form 1041, file an “Amended” Form 1041 and attach a corrected Schedule H.

In the top margin of your corrected Schedule H, write “Amended,” (using red ink, if possible) and the date you discovered the error. Also, on an attachment explain the reason for your correction. If you owe tax, pay the tax in full with your amended Form 1041. If you overpaid tax on a previously filed Schedule H, depending on whether you choose the adjustment or claim for refund process to correct the error, you must either repay or reimburse the employee's share of social security and Medicare tax or get the employee's consent to the filing of a refund claim for their share. See Pub. 926, Household Employer's Tax Guide, for more information.

Amended Schedule K-1 (Form 1041). If the amended return results in a change to income, or a change in distribution of any income or other information provided to a beneficiary, an amended Schedule K-1 (Form 1041) must also be filed with the amended Form 1041 and given to each beneficiary. Check the “Amended K-1” box at the top of the amended Schedule K-1.