Usable, searchable IRS Publications and Instructions

No more 40-page PDFs. No more googling obscure login pocket option IRS terms and landing on tax information from 2007. IRSzilla exists to provide you with the updated IRS tax code in a simple, searchable, free, and usable manner. Easily jump through the documents and publications of interest. Find what you need and get out of here.

About IRSzilla

The tax code has become a ridiculous behemoth. Once "only" 400 pages about 100 years ago, it now swells to 70,000+ pages of policies, tables, payment schedules, loopholes, exemptions, and instructions. The Economist estimated that Americans spend 9.6 billion hours grappling with important details and obscure updates. 3.6 million people working full-time - that's the equivalent of everyone in the state of Oregon working on our taxes for the entire year. And too much of that time is spent looking for exactly the right information. All the information is "available" to the public; however, too often, it is in the form of 40-page PDFs, pages that never stop scrolling down, related attachments that aren't combined together, and too many other information failures.

That's why we created IRSzilla. We believe that this information should not just be "available", but also "usable" by accountants and everyday people alike. Go to the main IRS publications page, and you can quickly see the list of all the publications as well as their publication date. Going through publications and finding exactly what you're looking for is now easy and fast.

IRSzilla is not affiliated with the IRS, the treasury department, or the U.S. government in any way. We are a division of Govzilla, Inc and we publish public domain IRS information and cite the relevant sources on each page.